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Helping a Non-profit Shift Their Culture


A Non-profit organization approached Zenith to help them conduct a cultural transformation project. The challenge was to identify the root causes of the cultural issues and to develop a plan to create a more supportive and inclusive workplace.


Zenith began the engagement by conducting a thorough assessment of the organization's culture. They interviewed employees at all levels, reviewed HR policies and practices, and analyzed diversity and inclusion data.


Based on the assessment, Zenith developed a comprehensive plan to shift the culture. The plan included several initiatives such as:

  1. Developing a diversity and inclusion training program for all employees.

  2. Introducing an employee engagement survey to gather feedback and measure progress.

  3. Creating a mentorship program to support employee growth and development.

  4. Implementing a recognition program to celebrate employee successes.


Zenith worked with the leadership team at the organization to implement the plan. They conducted training sessions for all employees on diversity and inclusion, provided coaching and support for managers to promote engagement and collaboration, and helped create a recognition program to celebrate employee achievements.


The initiatives implemented by Zenith had a significant impact on the organization's culture. Employee engagement increased by 20% within the first year, and there was a 30% increase in the retention of diverse talent.


The mentorship program and recognition program were particularly successful, with employees reporting that they felt more supported and valued by the organization. The diversity and inclusion training program helped create a more inclusive workplace and fostered greater empathy and understanding among employees.

Overall, Zenith’s approach helped the organization shift its culture and create a more supportive and inclusive workplace for all employees.

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