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Improving the Onboarding Experience for a Government Organization


A government organization was experiencing challenges with their onboarding process for new employees. The process was outdated, and new hires often felt overwhelmed and confused during their first weeks on the job. The organization wanted to create a more efficient and effective onboarding process that would improve the experience for new employees.

Helping a Non-profit Shift Their Culture

A Non-profit organization approached us, struggling with their organizational culture, low employee engagement and a lack of diversity and inclusion. They wanted to shift their culture to be more collaborative, inclusive, and supportive of employee growth and development.

IT Company Program and Project Management Process Reform

An IT company approached our consulting firm seeking help with their program and project management processes. They were experiencing challenges in delivering projects on time and within budget, which resulted in customer dissatisfaction and loss of business. Our team conducted a comprehensive assessment of their current processes, identified gaps and areas for improvement, and recommended solutions to address the issues.

IT Company Staffing and Hiring Strategy Overhaul

Our consulting company was approached by a mid-sized IT company that was struggling with staff retention and inefficient hiring practices. The company had been experiencing high turnover rates due to dissatisfaction among employees, and their hiring process was disorganized and inconsistent, leading to ineffective recruitment efforts. Our team was tasked with evaluating the existing hiring and staffing processes, and recommending solutions that would improve retention and streamline hiring.

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